Welcome to The Vintage!

Our story began in 2014 when two friends began talking about the future.
 They were looking for a way to create the right ambiance for the culinaric creations of Lorand Erdei.
Further they wanted to affirm that a quality food was, and remains, essential to our well-being.
And even in the midst of a grim recession, the team believed their idea would work, that people would be hungry for accessible, quality, and responsibly-cooked food.
And they were right, as the Vintage has proven one of the Sighisoara area’s most innovative and successful culinary ventures.
At the Vintage our team has an incredible sense of pride in everything we do.
Our passion ensures you have a Legendary Experience every time.
You will find us in the middle of Transylvania, in the very heart of the well known city Sighisoara.
A beautiful spot, let's say it is a "must see" for everybody interested in Bram Stoker's tales about vampires and other mysterious creatures.
Beautiful Sighisoara is awaiting to be discovered - historically as well as culinaric!

Lorand Erdei

When people ask me whats the secret ingredient inside my recipes, the answer is "Passion"
I am a young Chef de Cuisine and have travelled all over the world collecting a lot of experience and all kind of ingredients for my creations ...
Cooking has become passion since the very beginning of my career
" Being passion i really cannot make any compromises regarding quality and freshness of ingredients I use to create my culinaric vision of good food..."
"Inovative, and always looking forward to more perfection i would be honoured if our guest also can find the true passion inside my creations..."

This season's specialities

A fine selection of season salads, fresh & healthy - Prepare to get delighted!This is a must!
Simple and everybodies darling - this is the best description for this recipe, based on ingredients of top quality.
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Salmon keeps all it's nutritive qualities when it gets fried with peanuts. And our clients love this healthy, very tasty dish !
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When there is plenty of it - why not? This cream is offered by many restaurants, but none like us: Simple, tasty AND with a lot of rafinesse!
Lei 17
Surrounded by hills and deep forests we've got a large variety of mushrooms. So try it, taste it and be delighted by this phenomenal dish !
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Our Menu

Bon Appetite! Eating tasty meals makes times spent at the Vintage all the more enjoyable. We take great pride in our culinary skills; To us, providing delicious, hearty meals is a very important part. Take a look through some of our menu selections.You will be pleasantly surprised at how many gourmet entrees we can create..


On fridays and saturdays our location transforms into a state of the art club.
To be part of an unforgetteable night please check out our event-calendar and join us!
Rock'nRoolllll Babyyyy!
 What a gifted crew! This is unique comedy style - from pure improvisation! What do you need for a perfect evening? 4 guys and one microphone! This is so cool...
This is the right moment to spend a wonderful time with your sweetheart - Starting with a romantic dinner continuing with some smooth vibes & cocktails! Love is in the air!    
These guys are tremendous! Artistic cocktail mixing is just a starting point.... crazy guys, crazy stuff and for shure the best cocktails in town!!! Leeeeeeet's rumbleeeee!
When vampires are rumoring and the transylvanian ghosts are searching for new victims to horrify - we gonna combat them all with a decent costume party. Fight the ghosts and win a price for the most horrifying costume!
Apple Caipiroska
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Book a table

Whether you like to spend some quality time with your beloved ones or you want to impress your business partner with our state of the art cuisine - we recommend to book your table in advance. So you'll get most out of it....an we can prepare a truly unforgetteable evening for you!


Read what our satisfied customers have to say about the Vintage. The following are excerpts of praise and comments that we have received about our establishment:

"When arriving in town, this is one of the first stops for something interesting and amazing to eat. The menu has choices for everyone and it is the kind of place you want to come back to."

"I can't say enough about your quaint Restaurant! The reasonable prices, and great atmosphere are only topped by the delicious food. The Vintage is a Gem! Keep up the great work... and don't change a thing! Thank you!"

"At lunchtime, people in the know head to the Vintage. It is the best place to eat lunch."


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